We look forward to hearing about your experiences. Please feel free to share with me anything you are comfortable with or simply read about the experiences of others.


Christine Selda has provided me with a safe, nurturing and powerful space for transformation since she first guided me through the Medicine Wheel in 2013.

Since then she has been my teacher for yoga teacher trainings, White Mesa mastery, mentorship circles and clinical supervision.

She has held space and supported my navigation through some of the deepest healing of my life.

Each session I have with her I leave feeling more prepared and open-hearted to face the challenges of my work, personal life and social activisim.

I trust her immensely and could not recommend her more highly as a teacher, mentor, counsellor and medicine woman. – Andrea Sentesy

The Mentorship Circle with Chris was a potent experience for me. With the safety of the container she creates, and her unique way of combining shamanic practices with exptessive arts therapy and counselling tools, the process allows for bypassing the conscious mind into the subconscious, where true transformation can take place. 

I have never encountered a teacher with the level of integrity that Chris has. The way she holds space allows you to take your power back and step into the most authentic version of yourself. 

My work with Chris and the Shamanic Yoga Institute has been incredibly transformational for me. I have gained confidence in all areas of my life. I feel like I have gained a soul family through all of the beautiful people that I have met. – Gin Perry

My experience working with Christine as a mentor has been phenomenal. I had no idea what I was walking into the first time I started a program with the Shamanic Yoga institute, but now, two years later, I can’t imagine my life without it.

I have worked through vast amounts of healing and come to stand in my power through the Medicine Wheel, White Global Mesa, and one-on-one mentorship sessions. I cannot recommend Christine enough as an incredible healer, shaman, and beautiful soul. – Danielle Baker

Medicine Wheel 
My whole body said Yes with the Call to step into the Medicine Wheel.
This process of healing and listening continues to break me open, revealing more of who I am, and how I can serve. 
My heart overflows with gratitude for the support of Spirit, the Ancestors, and for my teacher, Christine. 
I’m so deeply in love with life and grateful to carry these teachings forward with practice, humility, and reverence.
Private Practice
My sessions with Christine have shown me blind spots to give light to and transform. 
Her work will change you, uplift and inspire you to live in freedom and integrity with your Soul and why you’re here.
I trust you and I honour you with all my heart, Chris. Thank you.
White Global Mesa Mastery
The White Global Mesa Mastery was excellent training to step further into my medicine shoes, 
into my leadership, and service to our collective healing. I loved experiencing new ways of working with energy, with people, and Nature to listen and amplify the light.
Healing the Divine Feminine and decolonization is all of our work and I’m honoured to walk this path with you all.
Mentorship Circle White Global Mesa
Mentorship circle was an amazing sacred space to be with our Allyu in these times of our healing, collectively.
The practices and artwork are powerful tools of listening and expressing what comes through to heal, process, deconstruct, and re-create so that all voices are heard.
So that we continue to say yes and support each other in this process of decolonizing systemic oppression within structures and the mind. – Brittany Lyons