your dreams come to life

My value system is rooted in an animistic perspective that sees all living beings as equal and is based on unconditional love. It is an honour for me to be of service to Awareness. All peoples’ awakening is important to me. My awakening is intrinsically linked to yours.

About Christine Selda

I hold a Doctorate in Philosophy, a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy and Psychology, and I am a many lifetimes long yogini in all Her different manifestations. I am a spiritual teacher and ally. I work with the Unseen, the Unknown and the Unknowable. I know that I don’t know. This is where we will begin and build trust from.


I was asked by a teacher once, “What is more important to you than money?” Pause… “Love” …
“This is your value system Christine.”

The gifts I bring to the table are tools that centre Awareness. My intent is always about this path of Self-realization. I am called to this as my life work and respond by teaching, guiding others and using my voice and agency for social change.